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*Professional Website in $1500
Starting from $579

*E-Commerce Website in $4500
Starting from $975


FIXED 20% OFF on 2nd website onward

Annual Maintenance FREE for 1 year

LOCK this offer before – 31 Dec 2021

You can use this offer ANYTIME in 365 days after booking date.


  1. The opportunity to lock this offer is valid until 31/December/2021.
  2. Once we receive the Offer Locking request, you will be contacted by email (official email GoTejus@gmail.com)/or phone to confirm it and to pay us $25 Offer Locking Fee (included in the offer price) to lock this offer.
  3. Once you have locked this offer successfully, you may use it anytime within 365 days from the date of successful payment of $25 Offer Locking Fee.
  4. Our team will contact you as per our availability of the bandwidth for the website development. Locking this offer doesn’t mean that we are going to develop your website immediately however we will start as soon as possible. We are open for the discussion on this matter.
  5. Payment will be accepted in 2 parts (50% each). The first 50% (includes $25 Locking Fee) of the total amount will be paid by he customer in advance when we start the project. The remaining 50% of the payment will be made by him after the completion of the website.
  6. Annual maintenance for the website is Free for 1 year from the date we receive the Full Payment. We will hold the admin credentials of the website for maintenance purposes. 
  7. Receiving payments in 3 parts is our courtesy to the customers. All the payments are non-refundable. If the project is cancelled or postponed, all the paid monies are retained by our company.
  8. Fixed 20% discount on the 2nd website will be given to the same customer or anyone he/she refers to.
  9. Customer will be given the admin credentials of the website only after the successful payment of full amount AND if the customer doesn’t want free/paid maintenance service from us.
  10. No website will be developed without the discussion with the customer. The communication medium will be phone, email, chat or any other best possible way that we could find. 
  11. On Starting price, this offer provides maximum 10 pages for the professional website & 50 items for sale on e-commerce website.
  12. Flexible additional charges are applicable for adding more pages or items in the website. We are open to discuss it with you.
  13. All the content like images, audios and videos for the websites will be provided by the customers by email however if any customer is unable to provide it then we may use the freely available resources to deliver the best possible website.
  14. We are always there to help the customer with expert guidance on the purchase of domain, web hosting, SSL, etc. however the customer will pay for it. The offer price doesn’t include it.
  15. All the financial transactions will be done in US Dollar. Customers based in India should contact us for the best market prices in INR.

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